Corin Anderson

Introducing Corin

I am very pleased to welcome Corin Anderson to the studio as our new Architectural Technician.

Corin is Ngai Tahu; he grew up in Dunedin and Queenstown, and trained at Otago Polytechnic, graduating as an Architectural Technician.

He has worked in Christchurch for several years gaining experience in construction and architecture, and contributing to the rebuild. He finds working in Christchurch challenging but fulfilling. He particularly enjoys the relationships he’s built within the construction industry. His ambition is to become an architect; applying his talents in a design-focused practice is an essential step toward that goal.

Corin arrived in the studio mid-February, bringing with him a desire to refine and craft architectural detail and contribute to the success of projects, which aligns with our aim to think hard about space, and love the potential of architecture.

Welcome Corin!


Photograph: Chrissy Irvine

Futuna Lecture Series, 25-29 March 2015

In the latest Futuna Lecture Series, Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena will be giving three public lectures in New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington) this month, speaking about his work and the philosophy that underpins his architectural practice.

Aravena has practiced in Santiago, Chile since 1994. ELEMENTAL, his practice, is a “do-tank” that, in partnership with the Chilean Oil Company COPEC and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, develops housing and infrastructural projects with public interest and social impact. He is internationally admired for his work with ‘incremental’ housing. As well as having a strong social focus, his architecture has been described as essential and rigorous in the way real materials are used. “Exposed concrete, wood, glass, steel, masonry, copper and stone are composed, coupled, and superimposed, achieving aesthetic, functional and formal solutions that are strongly original”. 

The Futuna Series focuses on international architects who have built a strong design reputation in architecture and urbanism. Last year, Niall McLaughlin’s lecture was inspiring. Aravena is bound to lift the bar with material just as topical, especially in his approach to social housing.

Limited tickets available at

Aravena Alejandro Architect Lecture