FESTA – Coming Up!



FESTA, the Festival of Transitional Architecture is on over Labour Weekend and it’s packed full of inspiring, creative events once again.

The theme for this year’s festival is We Have the Means, which focuses on making the most of the resources available – in terms of people and their skills and knowledge; and reusable materials. FESTA all starts with a horde of creative people who imagine how Christchurch could be different. These imaginative people translate their visions of the kind of city they most desire into a live event or project to present.

The purpose of FESTA is to:

  • create a platform for city-makers and citizens to imagine and experience Christchurch differently
  • celebrate the culture of creativity, active citizenship and hope that has emerged in Christchurch since the earthquakes
  • encourage more people to get involved in the remaking of their city, bringing tens of thousands of people into the city for one occasion
  • provide a positive, collective experience of the changing central city
  • stimulate longer-term change in how and who makes Christchurch.

The headline event this year is called Lean Means and is held on Saturday 22 October and will attract thousands. Head into the inner city to experience a temporary city made from reused materials, where spaces are transformed by incredible installations by students across Australasia.

FESTA is exploring sustainability through the reuse of waste materials in design and creative urban regeneration. Enjoy spectacular imaginative architectural installations, workshops, talks, pop-up projects, family events, foraging tours, live performance, artworks and more.

Visit the Festa Website to see the full programme of events here »