Taylor’s Mistake Update October 2016

Everyone is very excited that building is about to start on site this month for the Taylor’s Mistake House. It will be a busy summer!

The concept for this home is to support simple and flexible living. Perched on a ledge above Taylor’s Mistake Bay, the house’s structure has evolved into a collection of elegant objects. These three vessels are grouped artfully together to create an afternoon courtyard that maximise beach views and sun.

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Drawing Board


To fit out the office, down the length of the space I built a work desk with a layout space and library at one end, and against the wall opposite placed a retro drawing board.

The board I bought through Trade Me, from a retired Railways draughtsman living in Godzone Stepford suburbia on the northern edge of Christchurch called Northwood. An education in itself, going there.

But it has been a pleasure to stand at the board and draw, both freehand and using the machine.

Sketching and model-making is a satisfyingly tactile way to develop architecture. I guess this means a serious return for me to the hand-made design drawing, a practice essential to the design process, to communicating.

Swiss architect Peter Zumthor said “In order to explain you sketch, you talk, and then you start to build.”.

Hand Drawing