Taylors Mistake Home

With a concept to support simple and flexible living, the design for this house, perched on a ledge above Taylors Mistake Bay has evolved into a collection of elegant objects. These three vessels are grouped artfully together to create an afternoon courtyard that maximise beach views and sun. Construction will commence in early 2016.

Work in Progress: Taylor’s Mistake House

Taylors Mistake

A sneak preview. A vessel ‘beached’ on a ledge above Taylor’s Mistake Bay. A twin timber hull, boards cladding both roof and walls. A small interior courtyard. Carefully detailed cabinetry the contents of the vessel. These are some of the ideas contained in this new house at Taylor’s Mistake.

It is a closed-form design, where plan, section and detail use a language of containment. Materials are expressed as wholes, not as parts.


Work in Progress: Kenepuru Cabin

Kenepuru Bach

A conceptual approach opposite to the Taylor’s Mistake House has been used at Kenepuru.

Here a tiny cabin opens out into the landscape. Materials extend past one another and overlap, building up a rich construction language.

The surrounding deck is considerably larger than the cabin itself; bearers, joists, beams and rafters carry out past the walls of the building proper. Individual elements are layered and repeated, each joist, each board given autonomy.

Some 3D renderings of the design.

Kenepuru2        Kenepuru1

Corin Anderson

Introducing Corin

I am very pleased to welcome Corin Anderson to the studio as our new Architectural Technician.

Corin is Ngai Tahu; he grew up in Dunedin and Queenstown, and trained at Otago Polytechnic, graduating as an Architectural Technician.

He has worked in Christchurch for several years gaining experience in construction and architecture, and contributing to the rebuild. He finds working in Christchurch challenging but fulfilling. He particularly enjoys the relationships he’s built within the construction industry. His ambition is to become an architect; applying his talents in a design-focused practice is an essential step toward that goal.

Corin arrived in the studio mid-February, bringing with him a desire to refine and craft architectural detail and contribute to the success of projects, which aligns with our aim to think hard about space, and love the potential of architecture.

Welcome Corin!


Photograph: Chrissy Irvine