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Port Levy

Our client’s brief for a secluded rural cottage was simply to be off the grid and sustainable. From this we developed a design with a series of raised platforms, rooms and decks, perched above a wild ungrazed meadow. The modular structure lends itself to prefabrication, and with the land situated on a large rural block positioned between […]

Taylors Mistake Home

With a concept to support simple and flexible living, the design for this house, perched on a ledge above Taylors Mistake Bay has evolved into a collection of elegant objects. These three vessels are grouped artfully together to create an afternoon courtyard that maximise beach views and sun. Construction will commence in early 2016.

Introducing Corin

I am very pleased to welcome Corin Anderson to the studio as our new Architectural Technician. Corin is Ngai Tahu; he grew up in Dunedin and Queenstown, and trained at Otago Polytechnic, graduating as an Architectural Technician. He has worked in Christchurch for several years gaining experience in construction and architecture, and contributing to the […]

Futuna Lecture Series, 25-29 March 2015

In the latest Futuna Lecture Series, Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena will be giving three public lectures in New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington) this month, speaking about his work and the philosophy that underpins his architectural practice. Aravena has practiced in Santiago, Chile since 1994. ELEMENTAL, his practice, is a “do-tank” that, in partnership with the Chilean Oil Company […]

Sir Ian Athfield

Ath’s death a few weeks ago took me by surprise. Although I knew he was unwell, his energy and enthusiasm must’ve masked just how unwell he was. It has taken until now for me to gain some perspective. I first met Ath when I was fourteen years old, and he has since then been a […]